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A pool deck is an aesthetic part of a swimming pool, it is the area of relaxation around the pool. It is where you place chairs, tables and other furniture for your relaxation. The design of a pool decks is quite important, it brings out the aesthetic beauty of the pool. The deck not only complements the swimming pool but also makes the pool stand out.
AB Concrete Lubbock is a company based in Lubbock Texas, we offer several concrete services including pool deck installation. We design concrete pool and install them thus making your swimming pool stand out. Our concrete pools are top-notch and would serve you well in the summer while enjoying Lubbock's sun. We basically transform your pool into a delectable relaxation centre. 

Pool Deck Installation

Our crew of expert contractors are well trained and have the technical knowledge, they know-how to carry out pool deck projects. They also have the necessary experience to carry out a the project irrespective of the size. When installing, we ensure that we make use of only durable materials. Our projects can stand the test of time without getting damaged quickly. 

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used in building pools. We have considerable experience of using concrete. Our concrete pool designs are top-notch and will be of immense aesthetic beauty to your home.

Pool Deck Replacement Services

A pool deck is not only a relaxation spot, it also adds aesthetic beauty to the swimming pool. You may want to remodel them to beautify the pool. Your pool decks may have also become damaged and need an overhaul. We offer all these services and more. We will redesign your pool and give your pool a brand new look. 

There are several methods of carrying out a pool remodel. Changing the shape and position of the pool is an option while a total revamp and extensive renovation is another option. Any option you choose is not new to us, we can undergo any type of remodelling like outdoor kitchens, home services, wooden deck, patio covers, etc. Our crew of has expertise and experienced patio builders, decking contractors who can give you the quality workmanship in timely manner in the surrounding areas. 

Why Choose AB Concrete Contractor

Choosing professional AB Concrete for your concrete pool construction is a no brainer. We offer the following:
  • Quality and Efficient Service: We not only offer quality service, but our services are also efficient. With us, you are guaranteed quality and durable concrete pool in Lubbock. 
  • Competitive Price: Our prices are fair in comparison to others. We don’t inflate price but rather, we offer you a fair price for all our services. We offer free quotes for all services. 
  • Quick Delivery: We don’t dally on our projects, you are assured of completion as soon as possible. Our customers satisfaction is our prime focus.

Feel free to contact us today to get your pool deck, patio and retaining wall done in your space.

We also offer free estimates without requiring you to do anything.
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